Once upon a time, in the magical kingdom of Africa, lived a friendly witch named Wendy Word. With a spring in her step and a love for stories, she founded nFold in 2001, and saw that it was good. Armed with her magic wand, forged in the digital land of Windows, and her experience as a proposal enthusiast, she embarked on an adventure to help customers win with words by adding sparkle to their proposals. On her journey as a proposal pioneer and magician, she encountered many fierce gremlins of Guff, nasty goblins of Geek, ugly trolls of Fluff and ghostly ghouls of Weasel. She learned that these dark creatures bore customers to tears – killing hopeful business pitches daily.

Luckily, our heroine became sorcerer’s apprentice to Dr. Win himself. He taught her the mystical art of Persuasive Proposals and the incantations of the Language of Success. Wendy Word found solace and furthered her skills at the international association for magical warriors against the dark creatures who kill win rates. Here she met many like-minded proposal pioneers from far-away lands, like to Proposal Panda who is Passionate about Proposals, Magic Mike who makes Billion Dollar Graphics and Warlock Write from Down Under, to name but a few. Fortified by the best proposal methods in all the world, she started the local chapter of the Association for Proposal Magical People in 2008 with her allies who battle against the dark art of losing bids.

nFold’s creativity has become the stuff of legends. Core warriors who have battled beside Wendy Word through the ages include Wilma Wisdom the bid mermaid with her comb of clarity and Wizard Wow with his staff of proposal power. They have many secret weapons in their arcane arsenal, such as the most cunning strategies and the world’s leading proposal software magic. Our warriors continue to thrive as they increase deal capacity, improve efficiency and boost sales for nFold customers. The treasure at the end of their rainbow is the jobs they have created through the deals they have won for customers, worth billions of Rands. Their cloaks and crowns are richly adorned with industry accolades and awards.

One day, Wendy Word met Willow Win as they danced in the wild wood of words before battling the evil forces of bad bids. Their eyes sparkled and their laughter rang out as they met their deadlines and created magic together. As a judge in the fiercely contested proposal jousts Wendy Word watched with joy as Willow Win won the prized proposal crown for three years in a row. And it came to pass that Wendy Word was ready to write new stories and embark on different journeys.

In a sacred ceremony, involving incantations, signatures and coins, Wendy Word gave her magic wand to Willow Win. She passed on the secret of nFold’s success; that important decisions at nFold are guided by our core values: acquire knowledge, strive for excellence and care about people. We show our honesty when we abide by the APMP code of ethics and keep secrets when we maintain information confidentiality. Customers love our proposal magic in diverse industries such as financial services, ICT, engineering, professional services, environmental, healthcare, NGOs and more.

The nFold story continues, since we not only love to win deals for our clients, but we also like to excel. As interesting as our own story may be, the story we care more about is yours. To make us part of your winning story, contact us today.