Case Study – ICAS SP

ICAS wanted to tailor their reports to their clients’ needs – they needed their reports to state simply the benefits and quantify the payback without lengthy terminology and jargon.


Their business analysts wrote for psychologists and not for business. Their documents were insightful but much too long and written mostly in the passive voice. The client needs were at the back of the document and the processes up front. Clients were battling to read the documents and clearly understand what ICAS had achieved for them.


nFold reviewed ICAS reports and pointed out a few tips and techniques on how to improve. The next step was a training workshop on Executive Summaries and Language of Success.


ICAS saw an improvement in the team’s writing skills with shorter documents that highlighted the key points that the client wanted to see. The layout of the documents improved significantly and ICAS reported positive client feedback.

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“We have a very good relationship with nFold. My team and I have learnt so much and our writing skills have improved considerably. nFold’s training programme has worked wonders and we can already see the difference!”

Betty Linda
Manager: Business Intelligence

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