Winning bids can transform your business by providing long-term guaranteed income streams. If you need help with a specific proposal, want to improve your proposal process, team, gain better proposal skills or if you simply want to increase your deal capacity by creating better proposals more quickly – contact nFold today.

We collaborate with you to ensure the solutions we provide are fit for purpose and maximises your win rate.

We can help by providing the following services:

  • Proposal consulting and bid strategy development
  • Proposal skills, resources, design and writing
  • Proposal governance and benchmarking

Whether you need proposal skills to help you meet a deadline, want to outsource your proposals entirely, or if you’re looking to hire proposal people, nFold can help. We offer seasoned bid professionals and a bid network win strategists and strong relationships with people in the proposal community.


Finding good proposal people is not easy. If you want to grow skills, build capacity, outsource, hire, coach or you just need some friendly advice, we can help.

Bid Skills


If you are working on a big bid that you must win or if you want to improve the quality of your proposals, then consider nFold’s proposal and tender consulting services.

Proposal Consulting


As proposal experts, we assemble the winning ingredients to improve your proposal. Give us an existing proposal to transform, or brief us on the details for a new proposal you need.

Quick Wins