Ignite Your Bids

If you are working on a big bid that you must win or if you want to improve the quality of your proposals, then consider nFold’s proposal and tender consulting services. The cost of our effort is justified with the first deal you win.

The best proposal teams spend up to 3% of the value of a deal on creating a winning bid.

nFold has been adding sparkle to proposals since 2001, using global best practice methods. We help you win.

How do you win more deals?

Working with you, we consult and provide the capacity, skills and advice to boost sales. nFold consultants offer a wide range of services that help you deliver a winning proposal or bid. For example, we can:

  1. Advise you whether to bid or not.
  2. Create a winning strategy for your bid.
  3. Write a powerful executive summary.
  4. Proof-read or quality check your proposal.
  5. Check presentation quality before you pitch.
  6. Manage or define the entire bid process for you.
  7. Package the bid to make an impact on your customers.

Our consultants use a proven process that conforms to global best practice.


Best practice has proven that a strategic approach to proposals, bids, tenders and RFPs enable businesses to an 80%+ win rate.