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If the proposal centre is not seen as the job creation engine in your company, then ask yourself what steps you need to take to make it so. And take those steps, one at a time. Map your path to the place you want to be, then go there.

Proposal people naturally seem to be diligent, good at details and we go the extra mile to make the deadline. But do we add sparkle to our proposals? To win, we need to convince decision-makers that our solution is not just good, but the best.

Why attend nFold Master Classes?

In addition to our Executive Summaries workshop, nFold offers a range of half-day Master Classes to help enhance your proposal skills. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced proposal person, these courses will inspire you with fresh ideas.

Take your proposal skills to the next level

Win Strategies and Themes

Win Strategies and Themes

Knowing your competitors and what makes your offer unique from the customer’s perspective will help you to develop winning strategies and proposal themes.

Storyboards and Stories

Use planning tools to develop a winning proposal faster. Using stories in your proposals helps your customer to remember and recommend your solution.

Sell the Value

Customers want to know that the value of your solution exceeds that of your competitor. They also want to see that the payback exceeds the cost. Can you quantify the value?

We conduct half-day in-house sessions with custom scenarios to suit your company.

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At nFold we encourage creativity. Each proposal is unique and our experienced bid team keeps honing our skills with each proposal project. We keep learning and share with you the proposal tips we discover on our journey towards better bids.

Good Ideas Spread

nFold can design custom training courses on the proposal topic of your choice. We research best practice and create individual and team exercises that help you to apply what you learn. This is why our courses are practical and fun.

Satisfied Delegates

“I gained a better understanding of proposals and how to up my game”

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“Now I know that I need to plan a strategy before just writing a response.”

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“I learnt that creativity touches emotion & emotion sells easier if used correctly.”

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